Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not that I didn't believe in things worth some attention, I disregarded my own conscious attempt at being a rational towards a complex emotion called Love. As gay as it may seem, or as jazzy it may, the association of the word Love with a Male has been ridiculed to the likes of a Gaylord. Well, I sure do second that ridicule when your out there on social networking websites looking at the 'Gayest' love quotes guys come up with. But there's always a better side. The real side.

Maybe a couple of years back, I saw myself slowly coming out of a very diligent quicksand of Infatuation and presumptuous true love. It couldn't be descried simple, but at the same time it wasn't hard. I had been swarming around the quicksand, looking for gold almost for four years. With all the hope and positivity. But things didn't work out, And you have to come out. I always imagined breaking down at the plight of having to come out of that quicksand. And when that time really came, It wasn't hard. And it was only because I had someone to pull me out of it. She gave me her hand. And I took it.

It's been a year, and I haven't been able to decide if I have ever been so happy with my life before. I knew her since high school. And back then, she was that class friend who would sit with your group at local restaurants and gossip about college shrewdness. And then soon, when I came to Grad School, I started meeting her more often and started spending a lot of my phone balance on her. Somehow, I started liking it. Liking the fact that I had a Best Friend to confide in. But you never know, and you never will, how that eventually turns out to be an emotion filled with complexity and happiness of mutual understanding and trust, which we call love.

Honestly I never knew when it happened. Nor does she. And it's not important too. The beauty is , the life we have today couldn't get better with the circumstances that prevail. She's always there with me. During the highs, the lows, the normals and all that. I couldn't ever connect with the thought of experiencing eternal bliss every time you meet the person you love. And quite surprisingly, today I totally fit in that bracket. I can't have a day without talking to her, or thinking about her. It's into my system , and I feel great about it.

I know, it sounds cliche, but the best part is- that's how it is! If you haven't experienced it yet, one day you will, and you'll know , there's nothing gay, or cliche about it. But it's the best possible feeling you can have.

There's nothing called as true love, but yes there's definitely something called as Loving truly. And I love her truly. Honestly, the existence of "made for each other" is exclusively confined to Romance Novels. We could have given it a pass and not considered being in a feeling of absolute purity. But we made it work. We made it happen for us, and today we respect the relationship we have. And I know, we'll always.

Tanvi, I really don't care if people think this blog post has been cheekily gay and nonsensically romantic, because this post has been solely dedicated to you. You have made my world a better place to live in. You are my Music and my Lyrics. And after all the women in my family, I respect you the most. You are a life that I can't loose. You are happiness, love, trust, and above all, my best friend.



  1. anurag that is really great!
    i dont know if i can express all my feelings to you the way you did here
    but i surely can say that i love you the most
    and dnot worry i shall always be with you loving you truly..:)

  2. Oh my goddd... this is soooo sweet anurag..i had no idea you could write so well:)

  3. Thanks Lata! Check out the other posts too! :)

  4. Awww this is so sweet Anurag. It is a masterpiece of your's don't ever lose it.It's not gay at all

  5. heyyy anuraaG!!!yo dude!!itzz so sweet man!!!im speechless..awsomeness:D:D
    jus wish u guyzz are alwayz togethr!!<3<3!!!!

  6. u've nailed it..!! the gal u wrote it for m sure is the luckiest ;)
    touchwood and god bless you both

  7. anurag..its amazing...veryyy sweet:)...very genuine..!!!

  8. I am really happy for you guys!Job well done!
    Girls must have melted by now!
    Nice post.

  9. Beautifully written....few people can express their love in this way....Feel very happy for Tanvi and you =)

  10. Anurag,this post doesnt sound like u at all(Unbelievable)!
    I wana compliment Tanvi for extracting this side out of my Useless Lab-Partner!
    But the lines,"But we made it work. We made it happen for us, and today we respect the relationship we have. And I know, we'll always." make me appreciate the Idiot guy!;-)

  11. this is soo beautiful...:) i have rarely seen guys open up their feelings..this is surely a masterpiece...and definately nt GAY!tanvi ur one lucky bitch...:-p.truly romantic...<3

  12. fabulous..tanvi i must say u r indeed a lucky girl..god bless n may u guys stay togather always..n the best line :There's nothing called as true love, but yes there's definitely something called as Loving truly...

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  14. hey thanks everyone for all your lovely words and comments and yes im a very lucky girl indeed..
    very lucky to be loved truly and respected..:)

  15. Whooaa!! This is amazing! I wish you both the very best always and may the love and insanity prevail always! :)
    Tanvi, now I'd definitely like to meet you!
    Anurag, you nailed it with: "You are my Music and my Lyrics!"